Most people grow up believing that they have a right to seek redress for their grievances, and to take their case before the highest court of the land.

That's not all together true.   If you seek redress within the Court system, in Propria Persona you will be treated like a bumbling idiot.  

As for going before the highest court of the land?  Don't hold your breath.  The US Supreme Court accepts exactly 01% of all the cases that come before them.

We are hoping you will learn about the Judicial System



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Welcome to BlackRobe Mafia

They say that the judicial system in the US is along the same lines of third world countries.  The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights is close to non-existent.  Due process of law no longer exists.  

Judges are making up new laws at will, with no fear of consequences for doing so.  Fact is, only Congress, and the state legislatures are allowed to make new laws.

In what I call foreclosure hell, the judges have investments in the same banks you are fighting as your lender.  Conflict of Interest, you wonder?

Judges have not only investments in the lender pretenders, but many of their retirement funds are tied up in those same banks.

Read on to find out more information concerning the judicial system, and why the rule of law no longer exists.

One only has to venture into the court as a litigant to see that big business rules the courts.    All Courts.  Beginning at the most basic court, Recorders Court, Magistrate Court, all through the City and County Courts, through the State level Courts, onto the State Appeals Courts, the Federal Courts, up to the United States Supreme Court.  Every Court has become corrupted to the point, that if you plan to fight a big company, you will lose every time.  Not matter your case, no matter what the law states. 
The pro se litigant is the scum of the earth!  How dare such person think that they can tread there!  The company attorneys can cheat, steal, perjure themselves, forge documents, and probably even murder you, and you will not prevail. 


How did we get to this point?  What happened, that caused all of the Rights, our Forefathers fought so hard to ensure would be there, to vanish into thin air?

Feel free to stay awhile and explore what we have learned, and why we feel that the Courts are run by Black Robe Mafia!