Those Who Have, & Those Who Make Sure You Have Not

Don't let anyone tell you different.  There are unseen forces at work, all day every day to make sure that you stay a "Have Not".  I was appalled to find truth.  Ever since the day you were born, the Elitists, Globalists, the Ultra Wealthy rule this Country and are working on Ruling the Earth itself. 

These entities are the ones who cause chemicals to be sprayed upon us (Chemtrails); poison our foods with genetically modified organisms; send all of our jobs overseas; cause our homes to be illegally foreclosed upon; take our money; tell us our children don't belong to us - they belong to the community -  they belong to Obama; caused prisons to be institutionally owned as businesses; had FEMA camps built; caused FEMA coffins to be built in masses; planned and executed 911 in order to take our Rights, Liberties, and Freedom from us; cause our lives to be shortened; own the medical community; will be the death of us all.

Of course, I don't expect you to take our words for it.  Quit watching the network news on the tellie, and watch some alternative news.  Almost any alternative news will do.  I like "Before It's News", but even there, I don't believe everything I read.  One still must exercise their own judgment, and common sense, but it beats the hell out of the propaganda used to blind the public and turn them into the Zombies and sheeple that most of humanity in the US has become.  What other country in the world, can they take every house from a certain class of people and the people do nothing?   What other country on earth, can they continually create false flags in order to disarm the citizens?  From 911, to Sandy Hook, to the Boston Marathon Bombing.   Don't tell me that you still believe these things were real!  If you still believe these things, you really do need to stop an think about things, quit drinking fluoridated water, quit eating GMO foods, and for God's sake quit watching network news!